Feel more confident in your teaching and get some great ideas to inspire your learners with Cambridge English’s 5 Teaching Challenges.

With each Challenge, you explore a key area of teaching in five simple steps. Each step takes just 1–2 hours to complete. Each week, you’ll be emailed a new step, with links to all the videos, articles and resources you need to complete it.

There are 5 Challenges to choose from:

  • Create a professional development plan that works for you
  •  Find new ways to motivate your learners
  •  Find new ways to identify and correct your learners’ mistakes
  •  Be more confident using digital resources
  •  Grow your confidence using English in class

You can do as many Challenges as you like, and in any order. Then, if you like, you can start another Challenge! You will receive a Record of Achievement when you finish all five steps of your Challenge. You can complete this and add it to your professional development portfolio.

Cambridge English introduces the 5 Teaching Challenges – choose from 5 challenges, one per week. Each only takes 1-2 hours to complete.

Sign up for the 5 Teaching Challenges here.




Source: Cambridge English Language Assessment Teaching English.

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