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Special Arrangements for Candidates

Cambridge Assessment English offers a range of accommodations to candidates with temporary and long-term conditions, for anything from a broken arm to specific cognitive or physical disabilities…

Encourage your students to read more!

Book Post

Do you want to encourage your students to read more?  In two of the Cambridge Assessment English qualifications, students can prepare a Set Text before the exam and write about it in Part 2 of the Writing component.  This month’s blog post offers you 6 interesting titbits of information about the Set Text option! Although […]

Mejorando las destrezas comunicativas


En la publicación del blog de este mes, echamos un vistazo a 4 recursos en línea gratuitos que os pueden ayudar, a vosotros y a vuestros estudiantes, a mejorar vuestras habilidades en el camino hacia la acreditación de Cambridge Assessment English. Una de las fortalezas clave de los exámenes de Cambridge English es que se […]

Results Verification Service

Results Verification Service

It’s not so long ago now that Cambridge Assessment English came up with their very neat mission statement: We help people learn English and prove their skills to the world.  One of the ways that Cambridge can help candidates to prove their skills is via their Results Verification Service.  The service has recently been updated with […]

Teacher Support Programme 

Teacher Support Programme 

Exams Catalunya has always striven to provide our Preparation Centre with a range of services designed to ensure that they can give their students the best possible chance of success when they take their Cambridge Assessment English qualifications.  One of the most important ways we can help is by providing teachers from our Preparation Centres […]

The newest exam in the Cambridge rang...


On 13 November 2018, Cambridge Assessment English will launch a new multilevel test called ‘Linguaskill’ in Spain. With the range of exams already offered by Cambridge Assessment English, you may wonder why they have gone to the trouble of introducing a new product.  The simple answer is that Linguaskill will provide candidates and organisations with […]

¡Nuevo! Estadísticas e informes onlin...

¡Nuevo! Estadísticas e informes online

Nuestro centro siempre ha considerado que los informes del desempeño constituyen una herramienta insustituible a la hora de controlar los resultados obtenidos por los candidatos que cada curso se presentan a los exámenes de Cambridge Assessment Languages. El feedback que recibimos de colegios y academias así nos lo confirma. Como saben nuestros Centros Preparadores, Exams […]

OET award for Exams Catalunya

OET award for Exams Catalunya

We are pleased to anounce that Exams Catalunya has been awarded by the Occupational English Test (OET) for receiving the highest Net Promoter Score (NPS) of all the test venues in the EU, UK and Ireland. This award is based on the survey from the OET candidates each month after the test in wich they […]

Uso de los logos de Centro Preparador...


Si su escuela, universidad o academia prepara candidatos a través de nuestro Centro de Exámenes puede que tenga derecho a usar los logos de Centro Preparador de Cambridge Assessment English. El uso de estos logos debe ser autorizado y normalmente se concede cuando un centro matricula un mínimo de 50 candidatos por año. Todos los […]

Results FAQs

exam Results

After the busy summer months, many candidates are now receiving their Cambridge Assessment English exam results and there are a number of questions that we often receive at the office about how to access or interpret results.

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