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There is a wide variety of interactive online activities available for candidates preparing for Cambridge English exams and in this month’s blog we are going to take a look at some of the things on offer.

Write & Improve  Write and improve

Write and Improve is a free automated writing assessment tool provided by Cambridge English.  It offers a way for students to improve their writing independently outside the classroom and provides instant feedback.

It covers the core areas of spelling, vocabulary, grammar and general style and by providing a CEFR level  for each task submitted it allows students to keep track of their progress.

Students are kept engaged by choosing from a range of writing tasks to submit and can edit their work to make improvements based on the feedback given.  A new CEFR level is given after each edit.


Academy Island Academy Island

Academy Island is a game aimed at CEFR levels B1 – C1 (PET, First and Advanced). An alien life form arrives on earth and players help the alien use English in a variety of situations to progress through the levels. The game’s main skill focus is reading.


Shop and DropShop & Drop

Shop and Drop is a fun game for Young Learners   (Starters, Movers and Flyers). Children have to follow the instructions to make sure that the right item is dropped into the box. Each level contains 15 items of new vocabulary.



Monkey Puzzles World TourMonkeyWorldTour

Mokey Puzzles World Tour follows on from the popular previous version Monkey Puzzles.   It is a set of 8 new games where players join the Young Learners monkey as he travels the world.  The games provide excellent preparation for the Cambridge English: Young Learners exams  and 2 of the games include listening practice.

The game is also available as an app for IOS users. You can download it here.


Funland funland1

Funland is a game for the CEFR levels A1 – B1 (Movers, Flyers, KET and PET) where players try their hand at classic fairground games such as splash the clown to practise their English.

It is also available to download from  iTunes and from Google Play


Cambridge Beta

Cambridge English is constantly innovating and producing new digital support materials and activities. You can check out and try the latest digital material and projects on the Cambridge Beta  website.  Sign up today to keep up to date with the latest projects from Cambridge English!






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