Four things you need to know about the CELTA course


  1. It very intensive but it’s also great fun. The CELTA (Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languges) course is a hands-on, practical course and you are expected to attend 100% of the course. Don’t worry about that though as there is so much to get through you won’t want to miss a thing! You will attend input sessions in the morning and then you will be able to put what you learnt into practice on real, live students in the afternoon teaching practice sessions. You will develop by watching your peers as well as experienced teachers giving classes and you will also learn to reflect upon your own teaching practice. You won’t believe how much progress you can make in one month!
  1. You don’t need to be a native speaker to do the CELTA. You obviously need to have a very good level of English to be accepted onto and successfully complete the CELTA course; Cambridge English recommends trainees should have a high C1 or a C2. Every year many non-native CELTA trainees successfully complete the course and embark on careers as English Language teachers. While native English speakers have a natural feel for the language, non- native teachers have the advantage of having studied and learnt English so they are often in a better position to understand the difficulties that their students face when learning English.
  1. You won’t have an exam at the end of the course. The CELTA course is continually assessed throughout the month.  You will have to produce four written assignments during the course and your teaching practice will also be assessed. You must pass both the practical and the written aspects of the course in order to be awarded the CELTA certificate. An external assessor from Cambridge English will moderate the course which guarantees fairness and quality. There are three passing grades; Pass A, Pass B and Pass.
  1. Having the CELTA certificate will open up a whole world of opportunities for you. CELTA is the number one qualification for English as a Second Language teachers and it is recognised worldwide by employers looking for high quality teachers. Past Lewis School CELTA graduates are working as English teachers all around the world and many have progressed into management or other related roles since completing their CELTA. The CELTA can lead to studying the DELTA (Diploma in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) or MA courses.

Casual students looking at whiteboardThe Lewis School CELTA is running from August 2nd to August 30th this year and you can find out more information here. Our CELTA graduates will have full access to the Exams Catalunya and free entrance to the Exams Catalunya conference the year they complete their CELTA course.


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