New name for Cambridge English

cambridge-_assessment1 From this month Cambridge English Language Assessment is changing its name to Cambridge Assessment English:


This new name makes it clearer that the organisation is part of Cambridge Assessment, a leading international education and assessment group, with English at the heart of everything it does. Cambridge Assessment shares the biggest assessment research team of its kind in Europe, and unrivalled depth of experience in national educational systems, international education and English language learning.

Becoming Cambridge Assessment English is more than just a name change though. The new brand is rooted in purpose: to help people learn English and prove their skills to the world.


The quality and high standards of the assessments remain unchanged. The relationship with the University of Cambridge remains unchanged. Cambridge Assessment English will still offer the same world-renowned exams, which are backed by first-class research. The focus will still be on helping people succeed through expertise in learning, teaching and assessing English.

Please take a look at this short video which explains more about the new name and Cambridge English Qualifications:


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