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It’s not so long ago now that Cambridge Assessment English came up with their very neat mission statement: We help people learn English and prove their skills to the world.  One of the ways that Cambridge can help candidates to prove their skills is via their Results Verification Service.  The service has recently been updated with some improved functions and it’s a great way for companies, academic institutions and government agencies to verify candidates’ results quickly and easily.  

Candidates who wish to share their results with employers or institutions can do this via the Candidate Results website.   Those wishing to verify the results must first register with the online Results Verification Service and set up a password.  Once they have registered, they are able to check the results of candidates who have elected to share this information with them.  They can check the name of the exam taken, the Common European Framework level, the grade received, overall score and scores for individual components, as well as the test day photo of the candidate.   

The updated service also offers more advanced tools such as email notifications and an Application Programming Interface (API) which can connect the service directly to the user’s own database and thus streamline workflow.   

Cambridge Assessment English have drawn up a useful guide to the Results Verification Service which can be downloaded here 

By the way, remember that if you want to check if an institution, employer or organisation recognises the Cambridge English qualifications, you can search the recognition database here.  Just type in the country, institution type and exam and you will get a list of relevant bodies that will recognise your qualification.  There are over 20.000 entries in the database! 

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