Cambridge Assessment English offers a range of accommodations to candidates with temporary and long-term conditions, for anything from a broken arm to specific cognitive or physical disabilities. The purpose of these accommodations is to make sure each candidate has a fair and equitable opportunity to demonstrate their ability in English on exam day. 

What kind of arrangements are available?  

Arrangements for candidates with special requirements can be grouped roughly into two areas: administrative arrangements or modified materialsDepending on the candidate’s requirement, it may be possible to apply for both administrative arrangements and modified materials for the same exam. 

Administrative arrangements typically include extra time in the written components, but the exam material itself remains unchanged. Other administrative accommodations may include the use of a scribe or access technologies. 

Modified materials are specially printed exam materials such as Braille papers, enlarged fonts, lip-reading versions of the Listening, single format speaking tests, etc. 

How and when should I apply? 

Administrative arrangements should be applied for by the published entry deadline (typically 3-4 weeks before the exam) to allow us time to process your request and to make any necessary preparations. 

Modified materials must be requested no later than seven weeks before the chosen exam date, so we can order the special papers from Cambridge English. They are quite strict about this lead time so it’s always better to plan and submit your request early. 

In order to apply for Special Arrangements, you need to have registered for an exam and to send us a copy of your medical certificate. If you are able, please indicate which accommodations you are interested in, and we will confirm the arrangements available given your specific circumstances. 

You can consult exam dates and entry deadlines on our website. 

Guidance notes for teachers and information on all available Special Arrangements

Cambridge English provides a great deal of information on all the arrangements available, as well as component-specific Guidance Notes for teachers. You can consult and download all this information on the Cambridge English website. 

As a final note, candidates, teachers and parents should remember that special arrangements are intended to level the playing field, they are not meant to give any one candidate an advantage over another. For this reason, it’s important to know that once you have received permission for any special arrangements, your answers will be marked in the same way as all other candidates. For example, if you make a spelling or grammar mistake, you may lose marks. 

Exams Catalunya is here to support and provide an equal opportunity to all candidates – if you have any questions regarding Special Arrangements please don’t hesitate to contact us.