Work experience at EXAMS  CATALUNYA  


We are two students of Garbí Pere Vergés school and for five days we have been in a kind of internship program that our school organises in order to get in touch with the labour market and have a close look at working life. Fortunately, we were assigned to the company we had applied for: Exams Catalunya, and we really enjoyed the experience.  

Below, a brief diary of our “working days” at Exams Catalunya.  


When we arrived at the centre, the director of the company received us, and he has derived us to a girl, Rocio who works in logistics administration of the organisation and even though she was not our coordinator she would be with us during our stay. 

To start, she presented us the different people that work there and explained us what they do and later she gave us a tour around the building to get familiarised with it for the following days.  

The first task we did was to unpack full boxes of exams to organise them depending on their level. 

In the end, we distributed the candidates from different levels of English from Madrid and have assigned them a classroom to each one of them depending on their schools. 


At 10:30 there was a C1 Advanced speakingSo, before the first candidates arrived, we had prepared everything required for them. 

The first we had to do at their arrival was requesting their personal data and register the information in the computer. This task has occupied us almost the whole morning. 

After the speaking they gave us more computer work as we had to finish the task of distributing students in different classrooms. 


That day was a very varied day. To start with, we unpacked boxes full of exams that had arrived at the centre and checked that there were not missing papers. 

After that, we did more intense work where we have had to write the different marks of each candidate that attended the speaking test on a website so there was proof of the marks. This task it took us more than half part of the morning. 

Then, we had to configure the computers of the room where the computerbased exams were taking place. 

To finish, we had to unpack different exam boxes and organise them and check there was no missing paper so we could send them back. 


Today like the other days started at 9 and Michael gave us a task where we had to write database of information of different schools and centres, with direction, postal code and number of telephones of Madrid for them to have proof  of the registration 

At 11:30 there was a speaking test again and we had to supervise following the same steps as the previous day.  


That morning the first that we did was to introduce the database of schools and Madrid’s institutes for future dates of exams at  Microsoft Access that is the program that the company uses for bills , and at internal level, with different data:  the place of exams ,  the name of the supervisors and examiners, the type of exams, among  other information. . 

When this task ended, we had to introduce the speaking marks of the candidates of the previous day onto a program data base of Cambridge Assessment English and prepared folders with all the necessary information for the supervisors and examiners for the next examination of Cambridge English: Young Learners, Flyers. 

When we finish our stay Andy took photo of us for the website of Exams Catalunya, we checked some questions and doubts we had and said goodbye to all the staff thanking them for this great and unique opportunity. 

Quinta Conferencia Anual Exams Catalunya 2017
Cuarta Conferencia Anual Exams Catalunya 2016
Tercera Conferencia Anual Exams Catalunya 2015
Platinum Centre of the Year Awards 2015
Segunda Conferencia Anual Exams Catalunya 2014

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