Work experience at Exams Catalunya

Work experience at Exams Catalunya

Over the past week it’s been our great pleasure to welcome to our workplace Gerard and Aleix from Escola Garbí Pere Vergés in Badalona. They chose to spend time at Exams Catalunya for work experience and they were most helpful and, we hope, learned a lot about how an exam centre works, and what the world of work is really like! We invited them to write a blog post for us to explain their impressions and experiences. We wish both of them all the best for the future!

Our stay in Exams Catalunya

Pere Vergés, a school in Badalona, offered us an unforgettable opportunity to increase our vision of the operation of a company.

In our case, in the wide range of companies, we chose with great enthusiasm the option of working and living with Exams Catalunya. During our stay in the company we have been able to learn the day to day work is really like, how difficult it is to organize and be effective, on the contrary, we have been able to enjoy a few different days where we have had fun to seeing how everything worked. During this week we have done work which we did not expect to be done in this company and we have received a gratifying surprise.

We started on Thursday March 15, during working hours, that is to say at 9:00 in the morning and we stayed one week until Wednesday, March 21. During the stay we made different tasks, we started doing folders without knowing what they were for, at 11:00 in the morning people from different ages and places from Barcelona started coming and Helen (the coordinator) told us that we had to take care of the organizing the oral tests, it was quite entertaining to watch the nervous people go by, check that they had the correct papers and take a photograph and sign different documents. At first it was hard for us to pick up the pace, but then it was even entertaining, the bad part of this activity was the irregularity, since there were time slots where no one appeared and it was quite boring and then there were times that candidates accumulated and you had to go very fast and it was very stressful.

Then when there were no exams we went to the store to work with Diego, during that time we could really see the complication of working in an exams centre that has to have the papers sorted at all times because otherwise it would be chaotic. We were a long time without stopping and although it was fun we ended up a little tired, we also had to transfer the results of the exams to the official website of Cambridge. The last job we had to do was open boxes and sort the papers inside.

There were also unforeseen events where we had to move to different places to deliver different documents, in this way we could see how Cambridge is organized with the different schools.
To sum up with, we have been able to observe and enjoy our stay at Exams Catalunya, and although it may seem like a simple job, it is not and it takes a lot of concentration, but we have had a very good time and they have welcomed us as if we were employees of the company and so we have been able to work with love and dedication to take a good memory of us and us, to take a good memory of them.

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